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We pride ourselves on our speed. From native document ingestion to keystroke tagging to predictive coding, you're going to be impressed with the realtime responsiveness of our cloud-based system... even for tens or hundreds of millions of documents. (We can also custom-install our system in your own environment when when keeping data behind your own firewall is a must.)

You can use our web uploader, FTP, or mail us physical media.. we'll have your native document set ingested, indexed and ready for review and prediction in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

Our web-based and mobile review tools have been optimized for fast searching and tagging... and with our integrated AI our system can automatically tell you what document to best review next... as well as when to stop.

When you're done, we automatically generate final documents with whatever watermarks, bates numbers, redactions, etc. that you need, in whatever format you require.


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Cloud Review Tool

Cases up to 1GB free.$400/month per case up to 40GB.
($10/mo/GB over.)

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Unlimited free with our review tool.$.01/doc with your review tool.

Document Processing

First 1GB per case free.$40/GB after that.


Attach to$.0075 per page.
"There are two kinds of companies: Those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second." — Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

"So will we." — Josh Jones, Co-Founder Dagger Data


We'd probably call it "Tinder for Documents" if we weren't so afraid of IAC's lawyers.

Whatever you call it, we don't think there's an easier way to review documents from an iPad, iPhone, Android, or what have you than simply "swipe right for relevant, otherwise swipe left."

So that's exactly what we built.

Tinder for Documents?!


Some of our Happy Clients

"The deal of the century."
--Partner at law firm with over 95 million documents in the Dagger platform.


Review Tool / Predictive Coding

Try our online demo ... ask for a login and password for a test spin.

Document Processing

Ask for FTP credentials to try our one million documents an hour processing tool in real-time.


OCR is entirely self-service, super-fast (~350K pages/hr) and available 24/7 at

Contact us at (571) 348-4666 or any time to begin.


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May 6th, 2016: Dagger Data Introduces Ultra-Fast OCR

Less-than-a-penny-per-page price aims to undercut prevailing market rates by 25% or more. Projects that formerly took days or weeks can now be completed in minutes or hours. Prices of pennies per page can no longer be justified.

December 28th, 2015: A Beginner’s Guide to Predictive Coding Terms: Part 2

The use of predictive coding is growing and is even more defensible under the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Like the technology that operates behind the scenes, the language used in the field can often be hard to understand. Dagger's own Bruce Fein has defined some commonly used terms. Here is Part 2.

December 17th, 2015: A Beginner’s Guide to Predictive Coding Terms: Part 1

The use of predictive coding is growing and is even more defensible under the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Like the technology that operates behind the scenes, the language used in the field can often be hard to understand. Noted expert, Bruce Fein, has broken down some of the most commonly used terms, defined them in familiar language and placed them in the legal context.

December 1st, 2015: E-Discovery Disruption and the Field of Challengers (Legaltech News)

Dagger's Bruce Fein quoted on competing with (much-)more-expensive incumbents in LegalTech News.

November 24th, 2015: Basic Accuracy Measurements for Predictive Coding: A Technical Perspective (The Chronicle of eDiscovery)

Predictive coding has a lexicon all of its own. While the complexity of the terminology is often a barrier to entry for many lawyers and litigation support teams, it shouldn’t be that way. Noted predictive coding expert, Bruce Fein, takes three essential terms and explains them in a practical manner.

November 6th, 2015: Predictive Coding for eDiscovery: A Primer (The Chronicle of eDiscovery)

Predictive coding as part of document review has still not become a mainstream part of the practice of eDiscovery, despite the benefits that it can bring. The Chronicle has teamed up with Meribeth Banaschik, Attorney at Law and Solicitor of England and Wales, at Noerr LLP, and Bruce Ellis Fein, Legal Director at Dagger Data, to launch the Predictive Coding Primer to provide a practical guide to the fundamentals and defensibility of using predictive coding in various types of matters and jurisdictions. Over the next few weeks as we’ll be publishing a series of articles -- from a lexicon of terms, to a review of cases that have set precedent in terms of the rules of engagement for predictive coding to a comparison of predictive coding protocols that will help lay the foundations for knowledgeable conversations within firms, with service providers and with clients.